High Carbon Steel Hand Forged handmade Chef Knife With Pakka Wood Handle


Over All Size: 12.5” Inch
Blade Size: 8” Inch
Handle Size: 4.5” Inch
Blade width: 2.5”Inch
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Pakka Wood
Three Steel Pins & Full Tang

A modern and beautiful chef knife is a multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at many different kitchen tasks. It can be used for slicing and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and other things you can cut easily without any effort. This knife has been developed for professional chefs that need high-performance tools that welcome the rigors of a professional kitchen.it has a hard, super-sharp blade and natural color wood handle and feels secure in the hand.
Your experience with our products is of the utmost importance. The handle has a comfortable grip and makes Controlling Knife Easy. A great knife comes from excellence. We use high-Carbon steel materials. The Process of making a forged knife is usually more expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive than making a stamped knife.
Their blades don’t tend to bend or go in unintended directions when cutting firm objects, like a stamped knife may do sometimes when you’re cutting a squash. Forged knives also usually have a full or partial tang, which is an extension of the metal blade that reaches into the handle Our carbon steel Knives are made up of multiple metals which are fused together to create a single piece. The Combination of steel types creates those distinctive and beautiful patterns. The Strength of carbon steel is directly associated with its quality.
A forged knife is weighty and feels balanced in your hand Nowadays, Forged knives tend to be harder and therefore have better blade retention than most stamped knives. Here, too, the lines are blurring, but generally speaking, a forged knife is likely to hold an edge to be better than a similar stamped knife.


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