Custom Handmade Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife with Color Wood Handle by Almazan Knives


Overall size: 12 Inches

Blade size: 7.5 Inches

Handle size: 4.5 Inches

Blade Material: Carbon Steel          

Handle Material: Color Wood

Almazan knives produce the finest quality knives made with Carbon steel and high standard handle material. Our knives are recommended by many outdoor campers and there is no doubt that this Handmade Bushcraft knife is exceptionally powerful and durable as we used the best quality of carbon.  This Bushcraft Knife is used to achieve multi-purposes and is ideal for cutting small trees or dry branches. Whether you are getting materials for a shelter, building a tripod, or collecting firewood, you will need to cut branches into smaller. The blade is sharp and straight along with a strong Color wood handle that won’t slip like other knives. This Outdoor Knife is a full tang knife that makes it even more balanced and stable. This Carbon Knife is a go-to knife for your Camping Tasks as it comes along with a fine piece of Knife cover that makes it look even cooler. It is also an excellent choice for shaving chives and scallions and cleaning and portioning boneless proteins such as fish. Our knives don’t rust easily and that’s the best quality thing about it. The knife is a very useful tool that must be set your knives collection. It’s packed in a nice gift box and comes with the knife Edge Guard/Protector to protect your blade when you carry it.



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