Almazan Custom Handmade Carbon Steel Cleaver Knife With Micarta Handle


Over All Size:       12”
Blade SIze:            7.5”
Handle Size :        4.5”
Blade Width:        4.0”
Blade Material:     Carbon steel
Handle Material:  Micarta
Three steel pin & Full Tang


  • Carbon steel is famous for its feature of durability.
  • The shape of Micarta Handle is so good and makes a comfortable grip
  • The knife has 3 Steel Pins on the handle.

The knife has high-quality content to Give an Excellent Edge and Sharp Skills. Stunning quality and durability.


A cleaver knife, also known as a cook’s knife is a cutting tool used for food preparation. The chef’s knife is designed mainly for slicing, chopping vegetables, and disjointing large cuts of beef. This knife is a favorite when it comes to chopping, dicing, and slicing. It has a hard, super-sharp blade. The Knife Edge determines the sharpness of the blade and is made from high carbon steel. The chef knife features a full tang Carbon steel blade that is durable and well-balanced. And a simple Micarta handles that’s extremely comfortable and feels secure in the hand. It’s light and feels balanced, with a shape that’s natural and easy to control. Long-Lasting and affordable.


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