Custom Hand Forged Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife with Color Wood Handle by Almazan Knives

Almazan® Bushcraft knife

Best Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife, Our Bushcraft knives are exceptional for indoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen uses and gives you maximum results in less time. Our Knives are comfortable to hold, wear, and even look at. Between the full-tang construction and the high material quality, this is a knife you can be comfortable pairing with, wilderness skills, chopping, hacking, tracking & hunting. This knife is a multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at many different outdoor and indoor tasks. The features are a full tang Carbon Steel blade that is durable and well-balanced. This knife is made of high quality. Designed for breaking down large cuts of meat, poultry, and fruits. The blade has been given a good heat treatment to get it well hardened. 

The knife’s handle is made of Color wood. Color wood is stabilized wood that is compressed under high pressure to create a very dense and durable material while still exhibiting its natural beauty. Our knives don’t rust and that’s the best quality thing about them. This is one of the reasons why our knives sell so much. We will also give you the cover with the knife which is made of leather.  We have two major colors including Red. The knife is very useful for giving presents on different Occasions because it’s packed in a nice gift box and comes with the knife Edge Guard/Protector to protect your blade when you carry it. Our Products are shipped via USPS First Priority Mail 24 Hours after the Order is Placed, this is robust and easy to carry along with. The quality and design of this knife’s handle are top-notch.

How our Almazan Knives are made:

Our Bushcraft knife Knife is one the best Carbon Steel Bushcraft knives are made up of multiple metals which are fused together to create a single piece. The Combination of steel types creates those distinctive and beautiful patterns. The Strength of Carbon Steel is directly associated with its quality. Our Carbon Steel Knives Blend some high-quality materials, and the forging process is meticulous to ensure that there are no voids, cracks, or risk of delamination while you’re working with the metal. View our: More Products!

Custom Hand Forged Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife with Color Wood Handle by Almazan Knives



Over All Size:   16.5 inches

Handle Size:     5.5  inches

Blade Size:      11  inches 

Blade Material: Carbon Steel

Handle Material: Color wood

Full Tang with Three Stainless Steel Pins.

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