Affiliate Program by Almazan knives

Earn 10% commission
on each affiliate sale

Affiliate Program by Almazan knives, You only need to have an internet connection and the phone/ Desktop. We are giving you to content that helps you to understand the Affiliate Marketing Program. This will help you to grow your a sale and earn more money with ease. Sign up to get free access to the Boot Lectures

How to start in two steps



We provide you
with content

Choose the desired Platform that you want to use for Affiliate Marketing. We will provide you a proper guide and the content for the different Platform that helps you to Grow your Sales.

Sign up for our Affiliate Program

After signing up with Almazan, send your email. We will send referal links for the products on email or you can do it by yourself also. You will get 10% commission on sale.

Share Your Affiliate Links

After getting the links, you can start selling. refer new customers to our products and earn a 10 % commission for every purchase made by your referral link

Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?

No, this is totaly free, Almazan does not set minimum limit on the withdrawal of funds earned.

Can i track my earning?

Yes, every single order arrives with an email alert about the order. You can also see and manage the products and sales in the Affiliate id.

What is the commission on the selling items, how will i be paid?

Almazan gives you a 10% commission on every single product sale. You can withdraw them to your PayPal, Bank Account or any comfortable platform.

Can I participate if I live outsite the Spain?

Yes, you can easily join our Affiliate program by Almazan knives from any country. The main condition is to work properly.

Start earning money now!

Earn 10% commission
on affiliate sales

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