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The history of our lands has intrigued us for as long as we can remember. It was this fascination that prompted us to make the first knife in 1985, from where we have pursued this passion and as part of an effort to authentically outfit ourselves we setup our workshop with equipment similar to that of 18th-century black smiths

Custom Handmade Carbon Steel Chef Knife With Leather Sheath By Almazan Knives

This chef’s knife is the most versatile knife in any kitchen. Also referred to as a cook’s knife the chef’s knife is designed for anything from slicing melon to dicing garlic. mum kitchen – home or professional – should be without a chef’s knife


Almazan Custom Handmade Carbon Steel Kitchen Knife With Micarta Handle

You want a sharp knife, but you also want a knife that stays sharp, so you come to the right place. Almazan Kitchens gives you the knife you want of your own choice. Our Knives are comfortable to hold and beautiful to look at. This clever Chef Knife made of high-quality carbon steel is a good choice for slicing, cutting, chopping, or preparing meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, or even cheese.


Almazan Knives®

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Custom Made in Almazan, Spain

Almazan Kitchens knife are made by a small team of master-smiths “knife makers” in our workshop located in Almazan, Spain.


They all our knives

60 Day money back satisfaction guarantee.

We warranty each and every Almazan knife. Each knife is hand forged with top quality material and workmanship to last a lifetime. You will enjoy the daily use and ease of each new Almazan knife.

"Most amazing I ever had!!"

Alex Beutel-

"Wonderful knife – super sharp

- Liam Petracio

"Received my knife this week. Came early and is exactly what I was expecting. "

- Amy Hinton

"A must visit for every knife lover"

- Rabbeca Patrick


Almazan Knives

Almazan knives, are made by a small team of master smiths “knife makers” in our workshop located in Almazan, Spain.




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